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Regenerative Living

Your Gut Health Expert

This is FOR YOU if

You have regular digestive issues bugging you in your every day life

You suspect stress is worsening your symptoms

You have been diagnosed with IBS-C/D/M, or any other gut-related conditions. OR You suspect you might have one.

You want to stop the debilitating pain and finally live a normal life again!

You want to reach optimal wellness and bulletproof gut health with the right diet and lifestyle 

You want to feel empowered & healthy with EFFECTIVE TOOLS

how i can help

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected.

I specialise in gut health and more specifically the dysfunction/hypersensitivity of the gut-brain axis, which I analyse through the functional medicine lens. Simply said, I look for the root causes of disease!

I work with my clients to help them restore their gut health, by focusing on diet, lifestyle and the gut-brain axis.  


I felt very guided and supported throughout the program. What I received from the program far exceeded my expectations. This program is so much more than what one might have experienced with any other health practitioner that I have known. This program encompassed my total health.


Working with Joanna has been such a blessing because I began working with her at a time when I had lost hope. I have been battling with IBS and Sibo for years before I met her, and given that my symptoms were worsening, I resolved that this would be my life from now on. Upon meeting her, I was struck by her genuine care and gentleness. She never promised a cure but only the tools to improve and manage my quality of life. She takes a holistic approach and provided me the tools to manage a flareup if it occurred. Since completing my program with her, I feel empowered and have learned the value of balance a balanced lifestyle. She goes above and beyond in order to support her clients on their healing journey and I highly recommend her as an excellent health coach.


I have seen great results in not only my gut health, but also my overall physical and mental health. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone and offered continual support even outside of our scheduled appointments to ensure that I moving along with the protocols that we put in place. The program that she created for me was tailored to my specific concerns, and was always adaptable to ensure that I would be successful and not get discouraged when things were difficult. She is also very adaptable and has offered safe in-person visits, as well as Zoom visits depending on what works best for my schedule. I highly recommend Joanna if you are looking for a health coach!!


Covid related stress, wfh, change in lifestyle collectively affected my gut health pretty much and I spent a good few months with constant heartburn. I tried the one-week diet plan by Regenerative living and it helped with heartburn right away. Talking about the coach herself, there is so much to say! Joanna is an amazing listener and is such a motherly figure that I am sure even if someone double her age will interact with her she’ll still be the mommy. It's so easy to talk to her and she amazingly resolves the issue and guides. She has herself suffered from health issues and hence understands the other side of the story so well 🙂 Surely a health coach I will get back to whenever needed.