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1:1 Coaching

Our symptoms don’t appear overnight. Often, we’ve been curating “dis-ease” for years with triggers that we might ignore. These triggers can be things like chronic stress, prescription medications, nutrient depletions, psychological trauma, hormonal imbalance, or toxin exposure.

To make sustainable change in our physiology, it takes time to unravel these influences. Regenerative Living’s  1:1 Coaching is key in this process. It allows constant support in your journey with a different set of tools and services. I require a minimum of 3 months of commitment, and you can cancel anytime after this. 

The length of the work we will do together will correlate with your MSQ (Medical Symptoms Questionnaire) score. An MSQ score below 25 is normal. People with higher scores have more symptoms, and typically will require more intensive care. If you don’t know your score, you can calculate your MSQ here

Ready to jump in? Do you have questions or wonder if this is what you are looking for? Let’s talk!  Click on the button on the right to book a 15 min Strategy Call (5$ donated to 1% for the Planet Member organization).

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Prefer a do-it-yourself approach?

Click on the link below to send me a message. I develop tailor-made course for my clients’ specific needs. 

Group Events

I love sharing the message of what regenerative health is and my favorite tips and tricks with people. I will take you on a journey that will awaken your health and your soul’s true purpose. 

I can come talk to your co-workers, participate in panel discussions or conduct group workshops.  I don’t like diets and don’t subscribe to one specific theory or approach. I believe that eating real, natural, whole foods, moving daily, learning how to deal with stress and cultivate a healthy mindset are the real keys to a healthy life.

What I like to talk about:

  • Eating for optimal health and the future of our children
  • Digestive health & The Gut-Brain axis
  • How to optimize your lifestyle to defeat stress, anxiety and depression
  • Regenerative Health: Is it the future of Healthcare?
  • And more – tailored to your need


If you are located in the Mont-Cascade village in Cantley, QC,  Regenerative Living is giving in-person group classes 3 times a week.


What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine determines HOW and WHY a disease develops and attempts to restore health by addressing the ROOT CAUSES for each individual. I start by exploring your medical history and symptoms through a slightly different perspective than your conventional doctor.  I organize your health story using the Functional Matrix, and this allows me to identify key areas of dysfunction and imbalance that can be corrected. 

Conventional medicine aims to categorize and label your symptoms as a diagnosis, in order to match it to a prescription or rehabilitative treatment.  Functional medicine goes upstream to look for causes for your problems and diminish inflammatory influences in your body. 

My goal is simple:  improve quality of life, diminish prescription burden, and teach you what you need to do to remain as healthy as possible – the natural way!

How important are vitamins and supplements in the treatment plan?

I help you clarify exactly which vitamins or supplements you need (or don’t need).  While much of your treatment momentum can be gained with customized instructions on food sources and lifestyle changes, many people require temporary (or long term) supplementation based on their unique genetic limitations, digestion inefficiencies, or micronutrient deficiencies.  In this case, I’ll provide you access to prescription quality supplements through my Fullscript Dispensary, where I have personally vetted companies that show the highest purity and third party quality certification.

Since you are ordering them from my recommended prescription service, you will get discounted pricing.  However, you should still budget $200-300 for the cost of supplements during the first few months of recovery.

How do I start with Joanna?

Excited to start?!  Amazing!  Motivation is key for success in any functional treatment plan.  However, the magic and synergy comes from our ability to partner together.  My style of teaching and delivery of medical care may not be a good fit for some people. This is why I request a 15-minute Strategy Call before enrolling you as a private patient.

Does Joanna accept Insurance?

No. But I provide you with an invoice and an official receipt from the Naturotherapist Association in Quebec. In Canada you can use them to claim back from either your private health insurance (depending on your coverage) or fill in your tax declaration.

1% of my profits are donated to members organizations of 1% for the Planet

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