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When I undertook my own healing journey, I quickly realized that I needed to  eliminate toxin exposure, but also reduce my carbon impact while enjoying safe, quality products.  I’ve included my top pick of products here. I use them myself and are high quality. 

This page is dedicated to inspiring you in your shopping journey. Most links are my simple recommendations for a healthier life. 


Scoria is a brand that really inspires me on so many levels. Their  mission is to offer environmentally sustainable yoga equipment that rewilds the inner-child and inspires the imagination; all while focusing on quality and contributing to an inclusive and better world. They really bring two worlds together: sustainability and creativity and playfulness on the mat. I am a Scoria Brand ambassador and do receive a small commission if you follow my link.

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a few suggestions for sustainability-focused brands I wear and love

Christy Dawn


Mate: this brand is my go to for my yoga gear. I love that they bring ecological consciousness to affordability and comfort. 


Frank & Oak




some brands I appreciate for healthy comfort


I love these for the way they make me feel

Household & Cleaning Products

For a healthy home

In Canada: Attitude 

Find a Regenerative Farm

Food grown and raised regeneratively

Regenerative farming  Internationally

Or in Canada


Our food production is so deeply broken that our body is not getting the essential nutrients it needs to run optimally. Compared to 1975, our food has much less nutrition! We are left with no other choice but to use supplementation to help on our health journey. But, navigating the supplements aisle at your local store or pharmacy can be daunting. Not all supplements are equal. Most supplements are synthetic nowadays, they’re basically made in a lab. This is not particularly a bad thing, but it is important  to understand if the ingredients are in bio-available forms, what type of binders and additives are in the ingredients list. Also, people with impaired digestive systems, or chronic health issues may find it hard to find a supplement they are able to absorb AND tolerate. 

My recommendation is to start with gentle, bioavailable and real food-based supplements and superfoods. I use Purium supplements – click here to purchase and get 25% OFF using “REGENERATIVELIVING” discount code. If you find it difficult to know what to choose for your specific situation,  Book a 15min custom consultation here .

Your choices make a difference...

There is a mind-boggling amount of environmental toxins that impact your body each and every day. Our environment has become incredibly polluted over the last 50 years, brought on by industrial farming practices and general pollution of air, land and sea.When you pair this with stealth infections and compromised gut health, it’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to your health.

Additionally, we are exposed to many more man-made chemicals (so-called xenobiotics ) today – present in medications, beauty products, cleaning supplies, residual pesticides in foods and clothes  and even in the air that we breathe everyday! This is why it is crucial to start lowering your toxic load anyway you can by upgrading products that you bring into your home, wear, by eating organic whenever possible, and avoid foods that are higher in toxins like gluten, packaged foods, and fast foods.

Then there is cotton. The amounts of chemicals needed to grow cotton affect human health and the world’s ecosystem. It is the crop in the world that is sprayed with most chemicals. Cotton pesticides can prevent individual nerve cells from communicating with one another. Effects also include impaired memory, severe depression, disruption of the immune system, paralysis and death. In addition, increasingly, conventional cotton is grown from genetically modified (GM) seeds. And, we can feel the harmful effects of non-organic cottons and fabrics in our daily lives: irritated skin, rashes and even headaches and dizziness can be caused by the chemical residue trapped in the threads. 

Finally, conventional cotton farming ruins the topsoil as it becomes depleted of organic matter, decreasing its ability to hold water. This decrease leads to erosion of the topsoil layer by wind and water. This leads to overall decline in soil productivity. A major influencer in climate change!