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About me

Born and raised in Belgium, I have spent most of my adult life in war zones as a relief aid worker. From a very young age, helping in whatever capacity has always been the focus of my life. Now retired from humanitarian aid work, I dedicate my life to healing people and the world, one bite at a time. I believe it is critical that our pursuit of optimal health and longevity begins with an effort toward a collective rise in consciousness such that we should begin to thrive within nature, holistically, instead of fighting it. 

I am an Integrative Nutrition & Functional Medicine Health Coach and a Soil Advocate. Scroll down for a video where I explain my approach.

Why I do this work

I have always been on a mission to “save the world”. But, after seeing the devastation of wars, natural disasters, and climate changes across the world, I lost faith for a while. What I did not realize is that the solutions were right in front of me. By healing people and inspiring them to heal the world in turn. 

My global mission is to eradicate the degeneration of our health, all living species and our environment. I wish to empower people to reconnect with their true nature and live in harmony with Nature and Wildlife. 

I seek to create a space where people can feel inspired to live differently, learn about our environment, and make a lasting impact. My holistic approach is about physical, mental and environmental health.

Work with me to design the life of your dream in a world of natural wonders that we can show our children and leave for generations to come.

Health coach

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Accredited Member of the Health Coach Alliance

Applied Functional Medicine Pracitioner School of Applied Functional Medicine